Harmony - Menopause - 60 tabs


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To help manage menopause symptoms. Multi-herb formula To help manage mild symptoms of menopause. Everyday support for hot flushes & irritability, With added vitamin D, magnesium & calcium. Available in 60 Tablets & 120 Tablets – Directions for use: First thing in the morning on an empty stomach is ideal, however you may take the tablets any time of the day. If you are on 4 tablets per day, then it’s best to take two tablets in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and two tablets 30 minutes before dinner. Harmony Menopause is best taken away from meals (but not essential) with warm water or juice (easier to digest) and on an empty stomach. Any concentrated herbs consumed on a weak or empty stomach can cause a slight uncomfortable feeling in certain individuals. In this case, simply take directly after meals.