Iron Vegan - Sprouted Protein Powder Salted Caramel 500g


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IRONVEGANs are just what you’d imagine. Hard training, contemporary athletes that have embraced the wisdom of a natural plant-based diet. Athletes that look for challenges, have the courage to test their limits, and are committed to choosing their fuel wisely. Welcome to the club. Features: 5 Non-GMO, raw, sprouted grains and seeds; Complete profile of essential amino acids; No artificial flavours or colours; Sweetened with organic stevia leaf; Remarkably smooth and creamy taste; Organic; Family of sprouted proteins; Gluten free & Kosher; 84% less packaging; Made in Canada! – Suggested Use: For a delicious high protein shake or smoothie, mix one scoop (24 g) of IRONVEGAN SPROUTED PROTEIN with 200 ml of rice or almond milk, or the beverage of your choice. It can also be added to oatmeal, muffins or pancakes to help increase their protein content. – Ingredients: Organic sprouted brown rice protein, Organic sprouted quinoa, Organic sprouted amaranth, Organic sprouted millet, Organic sprouted pumpkin seed, Apple pectin, Organic flavour, Xanthan gum, Salt, Organic cocoa, Organic stevia leaf extract.