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Our new Keto Boost is know as a 3 in 1 sport electrolyte supported by B vitamins and amino acids for intense muscle fatigue prevention. Calcium and magnesium work for muscle spasm prevention. Sodium and potassium work to keep muscles contractions stable. For keto diets, this formula supports continual fat loss and prevents dehydration and hunger. Product Benefits: This comprehensive matrix targets all aspects of sport nutrition; Hydration, electrolytes, muscle, neurological recovery; Fast acting and long lasting strenuous activity support; Note: This formula is unique and uses the highest grade food extract and real mineral sources for ingredients. Product Highlights: 100g powder – sugar free, stevia base lemon; Official formula for Canadian Tennis star Daniel Nestor; 10 year industry sales and consumer integrity. – Ingredients per 5g: Vitamin C – 200mg; Vitamine E – 56mg; Vitamin B1 – 2mg; Niacin – 10mg; B6 – 5mg; Pantothenic acid – 26mg; Calcium – 207mg; Phosphorus – 198mg; Magnesium – 495mg; Sodium – 127mg; Potassium – 190mg; Citric acid – 1000mg; Glutamine – 200mg; Glycine – 100mg.